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Emeco | 1 Inch Chair


Hand crafted, super strong, timeless. 1 Inch by Jasper Morrison is a chair for everyday life. It looks simple enough but was one of the most complicated chairs for Emeco to make yet. Recycled aluminium frame with seat options including 100% reclaimed wood polypropylene in 7 colours.

With 1 Inch, Jasper Morrison taps into Emeco’s heritage in hand crafting recycled aluminum, and leverages its signature strength, light weight, and sustainability to create a versatile family of seats.

”I’m more and more interested in working towards designs which take part in everyday life as naturally as possible. The 1” chair, though far from spectacular, is intended to be an updated Emeco solution to a wide variety of situations where something strong and less flashy is required. The design of the chair seemed basic enough and we were not expecting much trouble in developing it, but we underestimated the complication of bending square aluminium tube in more than one plane simultaneously. It took Emeco several months of experimentation and false starts and it took us uncountable revisions to the drawing before we found the way to do it. It’s probably one of the most complicated chairs I’ve designed though it doesn’t look it.”
– Jasper Morrison

The frame is handcrafted using Emeco’s time-tested material and 77-step process used to make the original 1006 Navy Chair since 1944. A one inch size, square extruded aluminum tube was selected for the strength-to-weight ratio, using the least amount of material to yield the maximum amount of strength, while achieving the desired comfort and aesthetics. During development, Emeco craftsmen repeatedly pushed the material to its limits to accomplish the frame shape Jasper Morrison envisioned.

The 1 Inch bare frames are presented in Emeco’s stand at Salone del Mobile in Milan to manifest the invisible values of the collection - intersection between handcraft, precision engineering, aesthetics, sustainability, strength and comfort. The bare bones of a good chair.

1 Inch Collection features a chair and armchair, stools in 3 heights, and café and bar tables.
Emeco continues using reclaimed, recycled and eco-minded materials to make long-lasting products. 1 Inch frames are made of recycled aluminum. Seats and backs are available in various materials to suit a variety of applications:
100% reclaimed wood polypropylene comes in 7 colors: Blue, Bordeaux, Brown, Dark Grey, Green, Light Grey and Ochre.
Plywood versions in Ash and Walnut are sourced from sustainable forests in North America, certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).
Upholstered selections in fabric and leather are available. Customers will also have the option to specify a fabric or leather of their choice.
With 1 Inch, Emeco and Jasper Morrison together have created a collection that reflects our values and uncompromising standards - a seating family that is strong, simple, timeless, and engineered to last.

“Jasper’s disciplined approach with 1 Inch is a perfect fit for Emeco. Together, with rigor and struggle we achieved an exceptionally good chair; simple, utilitarian, multifunctional, and environmentally sound.”
– Gregg Buchbinder, CEO, Emeco