Maxdesign | Offset Table

Offset is a collection of tables and accessories for the home, home office and contract environments designed by Tomás Alonso. Customisable, innovative and flexible, Offset responds to the new spatial needs born from contemporary working habits in which the line between home and office is ever more blurred.

The project explores the idea of the work table as a microsystem with separate elements that can be combined into an array of possibilities. An object of common use, the table is broken down into its basic components to which a series of functional accessories can then be added. The configuration of all these elements is left to the user who can arrive at their own solution in response to their own functional and aesthetic needs.

 At the core of the system lies the simplicity of its construction. A simple gap defines the working area by separating the top in two surfaces while serving as the connecting element for both, structure and accessories. This simplicity extends to the frame as well. The design of the aluminium profile used to secure the legs to the table allows for both aluminium and wooden legs, or a combination of both.

 The research of materials and the accurate design, combined with the wide range of finishes and colours make Offset a very flexible system, easily configured in different environments and for different functions. We can imagine Offset in a dining room, in a home office or in a meeting room. Offset is a place to eat, a place to work and a place to meet, all at the same table.

 Tops: available in natural or stained or white ash or lacquered wood.

 Legs: powder coated or anodised aluminium.

 Accessories: powder coated steel in a wide range of colours.

Accessories include: Task light, Table light, Storage Box, Tray, Cable Tray, Book Divider, Desk Divider, Multi-plug.

Table dimensions:

1800Lx 900W x 740H mm

2400L x 900W x 740H mm

1800L x 1200W x 740H mm

2400L x 1200W x 740H mm

1600 dia x 740H mm

3200L x 1200W x 740H mm

4000L x 1200W x 740H mm