Modern work and private life are increasingly merging together and combining within the same spaces. So too is the line between commercial and residential furniture becoming blurred. Yet the furniture we choose for our home still needs to work as hard as ever to be multi-purpose, durable, sustainable and timeless.

Whilst Thonet NZ’s furniture has traditionally been for commercial applications it also flows seamlessly through to the residential market where the desire for quality, environmental integrity and contemporary design is now an implicit expectation. 

With its commercial origins comes the requirement for hardwearing surfaces and inherent strength. Our international brands are constantly developing the best practices to achieve these goals and to ensure their furniture not only retains it’s original integrity, but also has an eye on future generations. It is these folk who will ultimately inherit it, whether still standing as a second or third generation heirloom, or broken down into recyclable, post consumer material. 

Great examples of commercial – residential furniture include:

The Thonet No.18 Bentwood café chair. Originally designed for mass production in space-poor European cafes, it is now a mainstay in many residential interiors, suiting either a traditional or modern aesthetic.

The Emeco 1006 Navy Chair. Designed for submarines in 1942, it needed to be torpedo proof! Made from recycled, hard-as-nails anodised aluminium, and with a lifetime guarantee of 150 years, this is an icon to hand down to the kids (they’ll have a hard time breaking it before then).

The Artek 60 Stool. Expected to sell in the thousands, it has now passed the 1.5 million mark. Is it a stool or is it a table? It’s both. Designed in 1933, the 60 stool proves its success as a classic, multipurpose piece, perfect for modern life.