Emeco | Soso Stacking Armchair

780H x 530W x 400D mm

In true minimalistic Jean Nouvel spirit, the SoSo chair follows what Nouvel often calls the quality of “Nothingness”. “I just kept the same DNA and evolved it into a new light and comfortable chair.” Says Jean Nouvel at the preview launch in Paris 2012.

The chairs and stools are lightweight and durable, all handmade in the factory in Pennsylvania, USA, using the same process as the famous 1006 Navy chairs from 1944. "Jean Nouvel has really managed to take the back bone of Emeco and leverage a new vocabulary,” says Emeco’s CEO, Gregg Buchbinder. Together Emeco and Jean Nouvel have highlighted the sustainable philosophy of using what others discard to make something beautiful and long lasting. “Working with Emeco is like being in a field of wheat. The crop is grown and my job was to simply harvest.” Says Jean Nouvel.