Maxdesign | The Stones Barstool

440 x 310 x 740mm H
Special: $580 + GST

The Stones Barstool is suited for both the contract and the residential market. The philosophy of the product is condensed into a design that knows no predefined symmetries or geometrical shapes.

Designer: Marco Maran

The Stones has been made through a technological transfer from the automobile to the furnishing sector. The result is immediately evident from the characteristics of the seat, which is particularly striking not least because of the finishes: hi-gloss paint in a choice of orange, white, metalizzed grey and black gives an iridescent effect with hues that change according to the light and the angle of vision.

The supporting frame is in stainless steel and is made along asymmetrical lines that enhance the design of the seat. The hole is not just an aesthetic element but emphasises the functional nature of the stool, which is easy to move thanks to this structural peculiarity.

Barstool 440 x 310 x 740mm H

Kitchen Bench Stool 440 x 310 x 620mm H