Alma Design | Virna Chair

797H x 539W x 464D mm

The Virna Stacking Chair can have a super-hydrophobic surface, able to repel water like the lotus flower.

At the Milan Furniture Fair 2016, the Virna was released alongside their new "Nano Tech" "Insid&Out" transparent varnish system for the protective treatment of wood, plastic, and metal surfaces that guarantees a total resistance to liquids & oils, salt & corrosion. This new technology opens up the way for furniture typically used indoors, that can now be treated and used in an exterior space including the Virna Chair.

Designed by Mario Mazzer the Virna Chair is inspired by simple functionality found in 1950's design, and intrepreted in a modern way.

  • Beech wood framed chair
  • Polypropylene seat and back
  • Upholstery options for seat &/or back.
  • Stackable
  • Nano-tech Insid&Out coating available for outdoor use.

Read more about ALMA NANO-TECH INSID&OUT SYSTEMS in the PDF attachment below...