Emeco | 20-06 Foster Chair

470W x 495D x 800H x 460SH mm

Designer: Foster & Partners 2006

Emeco introduces an aluminium chair & stool project by Foster & Partners, the London based architectural design studio.

"20-06" recall's Emeco's classic 10-06 Navy Chair - the all-aluminium icon first made for submarines in WWII, while expressing a refined structure and modern inference. Both "20-06" and the classic "10-06" have an estimated 150-year lifespan.

The sleek new chair features an ultra-slim, all aluminium frame, tempered for strength and hand made at the historic Hanover Pennsylvania factory using Emeco's proprietary "77 Step Process". The ergonomically shaped aluminium seat and back are hand welded, resulting in a minimal, seamless apperance. "20-06" is super-strong, yet uses 15% less aluminium than the original Navy chair. Of that metal, 80% is recycled aluminium, qualifying as an environmentally sound product. The lightweight chairs will stack 10 high and are guaranteed for life.

John Small, a partner at the Foster Studio, and lead designer on the "20-06" project said, "Working with Gregg and the Emeco team has been fascinating. From our first contact with Emeco, we wanted to create a new chair that would challenge not only Emeco's materials and processes but also ourselves as designers. The new "20-06" is the result of a genuine collaboration between the Foster Studio and the Emeco Team and will contribute to Emeco's remarkable history."

Made to go anywhere. Even the 22nd century.

Check out the "Balloon" Lightness, & "Anchor" Strength tests on Youtube...



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