Thonet New Zealand was founded by Ainsley Kimber and Russell Millar in 1993. The company combines our extensive experience in the furniture and interior design fields.

Under the Thonet banner we provide exquisitely designed and crafted furniture for commercial, hospitality and residential projects thoughout New Zealand. We are proudly based in Wellington with dealerships in Auckland, Hamilton and Christchurch.

Our philosophy is to bring together the best New Zealand and international furniture products for our clients. We do this through our strong international partnerships and inhouse design focus.

Every Thonet product is chosen for its comfort, design excellence and suitability for the local market. Our range includes furniture imported from overseas, international designs that are made here under licence, as well as furniture that is designed and made entirely in New Zealand.

Visit our showroom: 10 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand. Mon - Fri 9.30 -5pm. Saturday opening starts February 15th 2020 11 - 3pm.
Call us: +64 4 8019122

Email us: info@thonet.co.nz

Get a quote: Select product by clicking on the + icons found on individual product pages or on an ALL PRODUCT search, and send your shortlist to us for a quote.