The General Practioner Monteith Craft Beer Bar - 100 Willis St, Corner Willis & Buckle Streets, Wellington

This brief called for furniture for a new multi-storied Monteith's bar in one of Wellington's most treasured historic buildings.

We chose dark stained Thonet bentwood chairs to enhance the classic, colonial style of the building. The curved hoop shapes of the chairs echo the building's architectural features, and their small footprint maximises seating capacity and ease of movement. Inviting leather KMS window seating adds warmth and helps to reduce noise. Outside, galvanised steel Tolix arm chairs and barstools are non-corrosive and stackable for easy storage, and heavy enough to stand the breezy corner site. Built-in KMS bench seating turns an awkward side area into a busy communal zone with seating for over 20 people.