Emeco | 1006 Navy Chair

410W x 500D x 860H x 460SH mm

Developed in 1944 in collaboration with ALCOA for the US Navy, the 1006 chair (hence "Navy Chair, & Submarine Chair " ) was required to be "torpedo proof".

With its unqiue 77 step process the 1006 chair is impervious to corrosion, non-magnetic, lightweight, and incredibily strong. 1006 is made from 100% anodised aluminium. Anodising transforms the aluminium to aluminium oxide which is next to the hardness of a diamond. The 1006 is also heat treated to Temper 6 which is 3 times stronger than steel. In addition, it is important to note that Emeco uses 75% recycled aluminium. No other company makes a chair like this today, imitation "Navy" chairs are not anodised nor heat treated and do not retain any of the integrity of Emecos 1006.

Emeco chairs have become universal within the design community and since 1944 over 1,000,000 have been sold. The 1006 and its descendants grace fashion spreads, hotels, retaurants, offices, television and feature-length films. They have played an integral role in great spaces for over half a century.

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View You Tube videos of the 77 steps to make a "1006" Chair, and it being tested under extreme circumstances below.