Emeco | 20-06 Armchair

800H x 470W x 495D, 460SH mm

Emeco’s collaboration with Norman Foster resulted in the “20-06” chair. Foster envisioned a more “neutral” chair-visually and physically lightweight.

 But the 20-06 is also super strong-tested to 445Kg.

Lord Norman Foster said” I appreciate the anonymous character of the 20-06 collection-it meshes seamlessly with our vision for interior space. The new “20-06” is the result of a genuine collaboration between the Foster Studio and the Emeco Team and will contribute to Emeco's remarkable history. We attempted to fuse modernist form with established craft. The Foster + Partners Studio combined advanced technology, inventive geometry, attention to detail, and sensitivity to ecological considerations with Emeco’s unique manufacturing process to make a wholly new design. A Foster building and an Emeco chair are both modern in character, yet demonstrate a great respect for the past."

- brushed recycled aluminium.

- optional upholstered seat and back pads.

- life time warranty (150 years).