Emeco | 111 Navy Chair

410W x 500D x 860H x 460SH mm

The Coca-Cola Company and Emeco have combined their iconic products, the Coca-Cola contour bottle package and the famous Navy® Chair, to create a new chair made from at least 111 recycled plastic bottles.The 111 Navy Chair™ is suitable as a cafe, restaurant or residential dining chair.

"The 111 Navy Chair is a reflection of our commitment to sustainability, constant innovation and originality in design,” said Kate Dwyer, Group Director, Worldwide Licensing, The Coca-Cola Company. “This latest addition to our line of rPET licensed merchandise underscores the fact that Coca-Cola bottles are valuable recyclables. It is another step in our vision to recover and reuse all of our bottles and cans.”

“When Coca-Cola approached me with this project I jumped on it,” said Gregg Buchbinder, Chairman of Emeco. “Although reengineering a core product is a significant investment for us, I was excited about the impact of reusing the PET from about three million plastic bottles a year. That’s a lot of bottles and a lot of chairs. The new chair is the strongest, and most beautiful we can make. We’ve turned something many people throw away into something you want and can keep for a long, long time.”

- Each 111 Navy Chair™ is made with 60% content from approximately 111 recycled plastic bottles, and a special combination of other materials including pigment and glass fiber for strength.

- The material used in the production of the 111 Navy Chair™, known as rPET (recycled polyethelene terephthalate) plastic, is sourced from the world’s largest plastic bottle-to-bottle recycling plant. The plant, located in Spartanburg, South Carolina in the United States, was created through a partnership between The Coca-Cola Company and United Resource Recovery Corp.

- Approximately 3 million 20-ounce plastic bottles will be recycled annually for production of the chairs.

- The 111 Navy Chair™ will be manufactured at a molding facility in North Carolina, United States.

- The 111 Navy Chair™ debuted at the Milan Furniture Show, Salone Internazionale del Mobile, April 14-19, 2010.

- The 111 Navy Chair™ is inspired by the classic Emeco Navy Chair, designed in 1944 for the U.S. Navy. Emeco has sold more than one million of the all-aluminum Navy chairs since then.

- The 111 Navy Chair™ will be available beginning June 2010 through retailers in more than 30 countries.

-  The 111 Navy Chair™ has a 5 year structural guarantee.

- The 111 Navy Chair™ is available in six colors: Coca-Cola Red, Snow, Flint, Grass, Persimmon and Charcoal. Snow, Flint and Red can be used outdoors.

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